Starblazer Adventures

Chestnut Defeats the Stairs

In which our epic hero defeated the epic stairs.

After an epic fight with Vyrellis’s body, the party decided to rest in the now heavily fortified library. In the meantime, Chestnut had been scoping out Garesh Vren, who had found religion, and he and his followers now refer to him as “Garesh Ba Vren”. He has become a Deacon of Bahamut, and prays constantly. As proof of his first miracle ( at least to his followers ), the chapel is somehow producing Potions of Healing, which Garesh was extremely happy to share with Chestnut. Chestnut could find no fault, and therefore let Garesh live.

Deciding that the room with scratching was probably giant vicious biting rats, the party decided to investigate the mysterious drinking songs emanating from behind an unexplored door. Awaiting them was a mysterious Eladrin at the top of a complex, multilevel staircase, who had apparently charmed a harpy. Their attempts at conversations soon went south, however, when the harpy lost patience with them interrupting the beautiful singing. The battle had a familiar ring to it, with Wictor casting bolts of magic, and Grix charging into a trap. The stairs were boobytrapped, but even with sliding stairs and a harpy luring the heros to a gory death, no heros fell into the pit. Chestnut, sick of the stair trap, disarmed it in a flurry of speed. After that, the enemies fell quickly, though not without bloodying the entire party.

At the bottom of the pit, there were the remains of a healer who was overcome by the forces of evil. The party found a magic sword, and some chain mail, and intends to use it more carefully than the previous owner.

After resting quickly, the party climbed to the top of the stairs and opened the doors. Stretching out in the corridor before them were a set of 7 demonic face statues—4 feet tall, with 3 feet of mouth. The statues were inanimate, and so the party decided to take the fork in the road to the east, bypassing the statues. This seemed like a good plan till they heard a noise behind them, and saw a foul-spawn spying on them. (The foul-spawn are thralls who have become too enamored by the Far Realms, and whose bodies have been corrupted by it.) Praxidus, however, called on Bahamut’s power to cleanse the land of these demonic forces, and Bahamut blessed the endeavor. Because of this,the battle was short and one sided.



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