Starblazer Adventures

Brindol's Peace Shattered

The intrepid adventurers are drinking a pint in Brindol’s only leather bar. Each of them had their own reasons for being there, but they all revolved around Sobchak. Their drinking was interrupted by Goblins, who crashed through the front door and started causing mayhem. While the rest of the party dealt with the goblins, Wictor used his cold ray to keep the bar from burning down, and dramatically rescued the Bartender. The party subdued a goblin, and from him found that this attack was masterminded by Sinruth, a hob-goblin inspired by the history of the Red Hand.

However, this particular goblin didn’t know where Sinruth had home base, but only knew of Krikar, Sinruth’s lieutenant. Krikar had attacked an outpost to Brindol’s east and apparently subdued the forces there. The Mayor, Derek, requested they retake the keep. The party sets out to investigate. The second hour out, the party runs across a strangely corrupted bog—it appears to be a forest that has died, leaving more wet swampland. Upon checking out this rather strange occurance, the party runs into an elf, wielding a staff of Orcus. This elf is apparently a necromancer, as 2 zombies groan out of the ground and attack the party. A fight ensues, and the party knocks out and ties up the elf. Vowing to come back to bring the elf to justice, the party continues on.

Chestnut sneaks into the outpost, and attempts to sneak up to the top level. Unfortunately, Praxidus’s clanking alerted Krikar, and Krikar was alert and ready. Chestnut found himself bearing the entire rage of Krikar, who was wielding two chains and whipping them around in a frenzy. This battle was bloody on both sides, with Chestnut falling early. But, Sobchak healed Chestnut, turning the tide of the battle. In Krikar’s possession, they found a note, addressed to him from Sinruth, mentioning the Rivenroar Keep, and from this, the party has a new clue. After this epic battle, the party holed up for the night, waiting till the morning to venture back to town.



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