Starblazer Adventures

Bears punching Bears... With Explosions

Jay received a call from a fellow Fereni, Joe, who has a popular Casino next to the Bowlingerd system. Jay is offered money if he can improve Casino business, along with translation software. The party agrees to help the Casino. Jay brings his 6 fereni youths, offering them an opportunity to learn from him.
Arriving in Bowlingerd, the party finds that Bowlingerds are 10 foot worms with extendable tentacles. The party is introduced to Guelphin, the administrative assistant. O’Neil and Jack talk with Magad, a bowlingerd in IT, who gives them access to the translation software. The party watches the Amazing NibClang, a largesized Millipede who does a “Traditional” magic show for an older crowd. The party also watches a tentacle show, which is based on a Traditional Dance, but More So.
O’Neil talks with the valet parker, and finds out that it’s common to drag race the various ships, and such an event is occuring later today.
O’Neil also sees a Galactic patrolmen poisoned with Bowlingerd proteins, which cause ill affects in humans. Dr Palan arrives in time to help the patrolmen, but after searching the food preparation area, no route for cross contamination can be found, other than the servers, who have access everywhere. Only the Galactic Patrolmen are human.
O’Neil wins the drag race easily, stopping to rescue the Galactic Patrolmen who have gotten their ship in trouble by threading the middle of the Ion Clouds.
The monad wins the slot machine, walking away from the earnings. Tabitha attempts to get the crowds goodwill by giving out the money, but is carried away by an angry mob.
The party puts on “Bears Punching Bears… with explosions”. O’Neil notices sabotage, just as an explosion occurs. O’Neil disarms another bomb, just as Joe appears on the scene blaming the intrepid party for the failure of Bears punching Bears. Instead, Jack identifies that the bomb was placed by a Fereni, and convinces the patrolmen that Joe sabotaged everything.



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