Starblazer Adventures

O'Neil's Buggy Ship

Tabitha, O’Neil, Dr. Palan, Jack, and Jay find themselves at the Pumping Lemma on Alapo Alpha.
Jack is attempting to find access to a Precursor dig site on Alapo Beta, and is attempting to purchase that from Jay.
O’Neil receives a comm call from the general of the planet, who has been having some trouble with a mysterious ship appearing in shipping lanes and then disappearing. The General would like O’Neil to remove the ship with the minimum of paperwork. The general is willing to allow the party the use of a ship, and access to Beta.
The party leaps at the chance, and finds a planet inhabited by a technologically unsophisticated race of circular bodies creatures with many legs. They communicate through smell and O’Neil and Dr Palan quickly rig up a communicator. The party identifies that the tribe is gambling, and quickly Jay and Tabitha conspire to win the game. Tabitha is crowned the winner, and she is ceremoniously carried to the pit, where the nice winners go. Crawling down on a set of handkerchiefs, Tabitha quickly got lost in a set of tunnels. The rest of the party arrived and started investigating the tunnels. The party ran into some worker aliens, who were harmless, but marked as genetic servants of the Precursors. The party ran into some soldier aliens, and ran away. The party then ran into a Queen, who was laying eggs in a room with some form of Beacon, in front of a door with force field. O’Neil reprogrammed the door, and the party escaped.
On the other side of the door, the party found workers moving ship parts around in a never ending circle. The start of the circle was a duplicator bug, who was endlessly making parts out of a supply of left over parts. The party reprogrammed the bug to produce bracelets, which worked, and fancy mirrors, which didn’t. Exploring further, the party found a control room, and reprogrammed the beacon. Once the beacon was reprogrammed, the ship crashed through the ceiling into the bug room. The party quickly reconvened at the ship. Tabitha made footage to make the ship look like it was shot down, Jay convinced the tribesmen to load the ship with ship parts, and O’Neil, Jack, and Dr Qitan explored the ship. Unfortunately, the egg stolen by Tabitha did not survive.
The party shows the footage to the Captain, gets payment, and then Jay gets A Phone Call.



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