Garesh Ba Vren

Tall Dragon-born brigand who was convinced the error of his ways.


Garesh Vren was a brigand in the hills to the east of Overlook who preyed on wagons. Most recently, he attacked a wagon with his scofflaws, only to find the wagon secretly held mercenaries hired to stop the wagon attacks. Sizing up the situation quickly, he retreated into the hills with his men. As he was running headlong, he suddenly found he and his men teleported into a strange stone cavern.

Over the course of the week, three notable things happened. The stone cavern became more and more hospitable, eventually splitting into rooms for sleeping as well as a main hall fit for entertaining King’s guests. One of his men turned into a werewolf, and so they locked him into a unused room. As well, two of his men explored a church with a sole congregant. They never came back, and Garesh believes they are no longer of this world.

After being overcome by the party, Garesh was given his freedom in trade for his promise to reform. In his possession was the BloodCrier’s Maul

One day later, Garesh Vren has continued to pray to Bahamut, and has changed his name to Garesh Ba Vren – signifying his new commitment to his god. In exchange, the chapel he is using is somehow creating potions of healing, which he has been more than willing to share with the party.

Garesh Ba Vren

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