Starblazer Adventures

Bears punching Bears... With Explosions

Jay received a call from a fellow Fereni, Joe, who has a popular Casino next to the Bowlingerd system. Jay is offered money if he can improve Casino business, along with translation software. The party agrees to help the Casino. Jay brings his 6 fereni youths, offering them an opportunity to learn from him.
Arriving in Bowlingerd, the party finds that Bowlingerds are 10 foot worms with extendable tentacles. The party is introduced to Guelphin, the administrative assistant. O’Neil and Jack talk with Magad, a bowlingerd in IT, who gives them access to the translation software. The party watches the Amazing NibClang, a largesized Millipede who does a “Traditional” magic show for an older crowd. The party also watches a tentacle show, which is based on a Traditional Dance, but More So.
O’Neil talks with the valet parker, and finds out that it’s common to drag race the various ships, and such an event is occuring later today.
O’Neil also sees a Galactic patrolmen poisoned with Bowlingerd proteins, which cause ill affects in humans. Dr Palan arrives in time to help the patrolmen, but after searching the food preparation area, no route for cross contamination can be found, other than the servers, who have access everywhere. Only the Galactic Patrolmen are human.
O’Neil wins the drag race easily, stopping to rescue the Galactic Patrolmen who have gotten their ship in trouble by threading the middle of the Ion Clouds.
The monad wins the slot machine, walking away from the earnings. Tabitha attempts to get the crowds goodwill by giving out the money, but is carried away by an angry mob.
The party puts on “Bears Punching Bears… with explosions”. O’Neil notices sabotage, just as an explosion occurs. O’Neil disarms another bomb, just as Joe appears on the scene blaming the intrepid party for the failure of Bears punching Bears. Instead, Jack identifies that the bomb was placed by a Fereni, and convinces the patrolmen that Joe sabotaged everything.

O'Neil's Buggy Ship

Tabitha, O’Neil, Dr. Palan, Jack, and Jay find themselves at the Pumping Lemma on Alapo Alpha.
Jack is attempting to find access to a Precursor dig site on Alapo Beta, and is attempting to purchase that from Jay.
O’Neil receives a comm call from the general of the planet, who has been having some trouble with a mysterious ship appearing in shipping lanes and then disappearing. The General would like O’Neil to remove the ship with the minimum of paperwork. The general is willing to allow the party the use of a ship, and access to Beta.
The party leaps at the chance, and finds a planet inhabited by a technologically unsophisticated race of circular bodies creatures with many legs. They communicate through smell and O’Neil and Dr Palan quickly rig up a communicator. The party identifies that the tribe is gambling, and quickly Jay and Tabitha conspire to win the game. Tabitha is crowned the winner, and she is ceremoniously carried to the pit, where the nice winners go. Crawling down on a set of handkerchiefs, Tabitha quickly got lost in a set of tunnels. The rest of the party arrived and started investigating the tunnels. The party ran into some worker aliens, who were harmless, but marked as genetic servants of the Precursors. The party ran into some soldier aliens, and ran away. The party then ran into a Queen, who was laying eggs in a room with some form of Beacon, in front of a door with force field. O’Neil reprogrammed the door, and the party escaped.
On the other side of the door, the party found workers moving ship parts around in a never ending circle. The start of the circle was a duplicator bug, who was endlessly making parts out of a supply of left over parts. The party reprogrammed the bug to produce bracelets, which worked, and fancy mirrors, which didn’t. Exploring further, the party found a control room, and reprogrammed the beacon. Once the beacon was reprogrammed, the ship crashed through the ceiling into the bug room. The party quickly reconvened at the ship. Tabitha made footage to make the ship look like it was shot down, Jay convinced the tribesmen to load the ship with ship parts, and O’Neil, Jack, and Dr Qitan explored the ship. Unfortunately, the egg stolen by Tabitha did not survive.
The party shows the footage to the Captain, gets payment, and then Jay gets A Phone Call.

Chestnut Defeats the Stairs
In which our epic hero defeated the epic stairs.

After an epic fight with Vyrellis’s body, the party decided to rest in the now heavily fortified library. In the meantime, Chestnut had been scoping out Garesh Vren, who had found religion, and he and his followers now refer to him as “Garesh Ba Vren”. He has become a Deacon of Bahamut, and prays constantly. As proof of his first miracle ( at least to his followers ), the chapel is somehow producing Potions of Healing, which Garesh was extremely happy to share with Chestnut. Chestnut could find no fault, and therefore let Garesh live.

Deciding that the room with scratching was probably giant vicious biting rats, the party decided to investigate the mysterious drinking songs emanating from behind an unexplored door. Awaiting them was a mysterious Eladrin at the top of a complex, multilevel staircase, who had apparently charmed a harpy. Their attempts at conversations soon went south, however, when the harpy lost patience with them interrupting the beautiful singing. The battle had a familiar ring to it, with Wictor casting bolts of magic, and Grix charging into a trap. The stairs were boobytrapped, but even with sliding stairs and a harpy luring the heros to a gory death, no heros fell into the pit. Chestnut, sick of the stair trap, disarmed it in a flurry of speed. After that, the enemies fell quickly, though not without bloodying the entire party.

At the bottom of the pit, there were the remains of a healer who was overcome by the forces of evil. The party found a magic sword, and some chain mail, and intends to use it more carefully than the previous owner.

After resting quickly, the party climbed to the top of the stairs and opened the doors. Stretching out in the corridor before them were a set of 7 demonic face statues—4 feet tall, with 3 feet of mouth. The statues were inanimate, and so the party decided to take the fork in the road to the east, bypassing the statues. This seemed like a good plan till they heard a noise behind them, and saw a foul-spawn spying on them. (The foul-spawn are thralls who have become too enamored by the Far Realms, and whose bodies have been corrupted by it.) Praxidus, however, called on Bahamut’s power to cleanse the land of these demonic forces, and Bahamut blessed the endeavor. Because of this,the battle was short and one sided.

Brindol's only Arch-Mage

The room which housed Krikar had frozen statues of Guardsmen, and Wictor realized that the guardsfolks had actually been magically frozen inside these icy prisons. The party therefore decided to transporte the bodies back to Brindol. On the way back, the party noticed that the necromancer who was tied up had escaped. It was noticed that the knots were still tied, and that the rope was not cut.

Brindol's Peace Shattered

The intrepid adventurers are drinking a pint in Brindol’s only leather bar. Each of them had their own reasons for being there, but they all revolved around Sobchak. Their drinking was interrupted by Goblins, who crashed through the front door and started causing mayhem. While the rest of the party dealt with the goblins, Wictor used his cold ray to keep the bar from burning down, and dramatically rescued the Bartender. The party subdued a goblin, and from him found that this attack was masterminded by Sinruth, a hob-goblin inspired by the history of the Red Hand.

However, this particular goblin didn’t know where Sinruth had home base, but only knew of Krikar, Sinruth’s lieutenant. Krikar had attacked an outpost to Brindol’s east and apparently subdued the forces there. The Mayor, Derek, requested they retake the keep. The party sets out to investigate. The second hour out, the party runs across a strangely corrupted bog—it appears to be a forest that has died, leaving more wet swampland. Upon checking out this rather strange occurance, the party runs into an elf, wielding a staff of Orcus. This elf is apparently a necromancer, as 2 zombies groan out of the ground and attack the party. A fight ensues, and the party knocks out and ties up the elf. Vowing to come back to bring the elf to justice, the party continues on.

Chestnut sneaks into the outpost, and attempts to sneak up to the top level. Unfortunately, Praxidus’s clanking alerted Krikar, and Krikar was alert and ready. Chestnut found himself bearing the entire rage of Krikar, who was wielding two chains and whipping them around in a frenzy. This battle was bloody on both sides, with Chestnut falling early. But, Sobchak healed Chestnut, turning the tide of the battle. In Krikar’s possession, they found a note, addressed to him from Sinruth, mentioning the Rivenroar Keep, and from this, the party has a new clue. After this epic battle, the party holed up for the night, waiting till the morning to venture back to town.


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