A halfling rogue who trusts little and is trusted even less.

The song of Chestnut:
Sing the song of Chestnut, 
whose blade oft drips with gore! 
Sing the song of Chestnut, 
or it next may drip with yours. 

Sinruth, chief hobgoblin, 
made mock of Chestnut's feet, 
and Chestnut swore that he'd grind 
Sinruth's heart beneath his cleats. 

The carrion-birds of Toril 
were glutted with his foes; 
the buzzards and the vultures, 
the ravens and the crows. 

Sinruth, chief hobgoblin, 
his head was brought before us; 
His wine and beasts became our feast 
and his overthrow, our chorus. 


Starblazer Adventures cfrolik